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Nov 22, 2019 | Dawn Schiestel | 1239 views
The Simulator operates on eight different pass speeds using real pucks on a synthetic ice surface allowing the shooter to practice wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots and backhands.
Your accuracy, shot speed and reaction time are tracked and displayed while the player is shooting.  This will improve puck reception, reaction time, player speed and confidence.

The Blade treadmill is ideal for all levels of players, for those seeking stride, efficiency and endurance.  It is the ultimate tool for developing technique and improve overall skating abilities.  The key is its controlled atmosphere the trainers can communicate with the skater. 1 on 1 training providing players with constant instructions, evaluation and feedback to get results.  Practice crossovers, backwards skating, and the ability to skate continuously for time and distance.
Use of positive and negative elevation to develop speed and power.  Develop hand and eye coordination while maintaining proper stride mechanics.  Accurate measurements of speed, distance and time.
Visit us at www.quickfeethockey.ca to book your appointment today!
 2 -Hour Team Training Session $200.00 (8-10 Players)  
3- Hour Team Training Session $300.00 (12-15 players)
If you have any questions contact Brent Meyers cell 519-889-1229.
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