Coaches Evaluation Form (South Bruce Minor Hockey)

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To help SBMHA provide a quality program, it is very important the executive receives feedback from the players and parents on the quality of coaching they have experienced. Completing this online form will assist us in coach selection and will give us a good indication as the strength and weaknesses within our coaching ranks. *** Please remember to include your name to validate forms - Parents are encouraged to include both positive and negative feedback. Forms must include name (anonymous forms cannot be reviewed)
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  2. Forms must include name (anonymous forms cannot be reviewed).
  3. * Eg. Fred Jones
Please rate the Coach according to your level of satisfaction (1 star = not satisfied, 5 stars = satisfied).
Overall Rating
Please indicate your evaluation by selecting the appropriate number. Excellent being 5 and very poor being 1.
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  2. Would you like a member of the coaches committee to contact you in regards to this coach?
  1. This is a confidential survey.  Coaches do not have access to the surveys or survey results. Respondent's names are required only to validate response source, respondent names are removed from surveys prior to forwarding results to Coaching Committee for archiving prior to Coaching Application Review Period. 
    Positive feedback and constructive criticism from your responses will be discussed with coaches without reference to source. Some feedback may be reviewed by the Executive anonymously as required on an ad hoc basis. 
    Prior feedback is one of the tools we use when evaluating Coaching Applicants so please complete the form honestly and accurately.
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